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With a graceful past as a former ballet dancer, I've transitioned from the world of dance to the art of photography. Just as I once expressed emotions and stories through movement, I now do so through the lens. My journey from the stage to behind the camera has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the beauty of fleeting moments and the power of visual storytelling.

In my work, I aim to capture the elegance and poetry that I once danced to, infusing each image with a sense of fluidity and grace. I understand the importance of timing, composition, and emotion, all of which are essential elements in both ballet and photography.

Your life is filled with a unique choreography of moments, and I am here to document them, transforming them into everlasting memories. Let's create a visual narrative that's as enchanting and emotive as a ballet performance, with your love story as the star of the show.

+ Soaking up the sun on the beach 
+Traveling and exploring new places with my new hubby
+ Mindful movement. I love ballet, yoga and running
+ Lover of all things coastal, specially lobster printed items
+Laughing till my stomach hurts

+ Plants (crazy plant lady here!) and gardening for my own produce
+ Photographing amazing couples on the happiest day of their lives

some of my favorite things:

ready to get started?


Contact me and I will send you more information about how we can start the planning together!

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